At Visions, we are a custom studio, working collaboratively with every client to create a unique and truly personal, one of a kind design. We strive to fit each client with the artist best suited for the project, and while all of our artists are well rounded in various artistic styles, we encourage clients to take a look at the artist galleries in order to get a better idea about their specialization. Our goal is to create the best possible collaboration, ultimately resulting in a perfect and personalized tattoo. To achieve this end, every tattoo starts with a consultation to discuss the client’s ideas and to look over pictures. All of our artists focus on strong composition, flow and contrast in shapes and colors. Permanence and longevity of the tattoo is of great importance and will not be sacrificed in the design. To create a custom tattoo, our artists utilize artistic technique, a desire to innovate and a passion for translating the client’s vision.



We encourage all potential clients to contact the studio to schedule a consultation with one of our talented artists.

This is an opportunity to explain your ideas and for the artist to counsel you on the optimum size, color schemes, placement and how to put this all together so the tattoo will age well.  Each design is drawn on a first come, first serve basis and the artist will need a short time period in order to finalize the design.  The client will be called to approve the design (usually within 1 to 2 weeks) to which at that time an appointment can be set.  For smaller work, we take a $100.00 deposit and for larger scale work $300.00 deposit.  Deposits are nonrefundable, non-transferrable, and with a 1 (one) year expiration date.  Please see our complete pricing and policy page regarding our deposit policy. We encourage all of our clientele to return to the studio once their tattoo has fully healed so we can take photos to display on our website, artists portfolios and for possible publication in various tattoo magazines.


Clients are welcome to bring references for their tattoo designs such as printed photos of subject matter or ideas that are written down.  We will seamlessly translate your idea into a great, long lasting tattoo.