*** It would be impossible to list our jewelry prices here. We have an extensive jewelry selection to choose from, so please note, these fees DO NOT include jewelry price ***

Earlobe (up to 12 gauge) $20.00 $35.00
Earlobe (10 gauge and up) $20.00 $40.00
Cartilage – Outside Rim $30.00 $50.00
Conch, Daith, Helix, Rook, Snug, Tragus $35.00 $65.00
Industrial $50.00 $100.00
Orbital $50.00 $100.00
Cheek $50.00 $80.00
Labret, Lowbret, Vertical Labret $35.00 $65.00
Lip $35.00 $65.00
Monroe, Philtrum $35.00 $65.00
Tongue $35.00 $65.00
Smiley / Webbing $35.00
Eyebrow / Bridge $35.00 $65.00
Genital Piercings $50.00 $50 for each additional
Navel $35.00 $65.00
Nostril $35.00 $65.00
Septum $35.00
Nipple $35.00 $65.00
Surface Anchor $40.00 $70.00
– for three $100.00
Surface Piercings $40.00 $70.00

Jewelry changes are $5.00. Stretching fee is $10.00.
All jewelry sales are final. There are no returns on jewelry.
***Prices are subject to change with or without notice***

Piercing Materials

We pierce with the following types of material:

    • ASTM certified 316LVM F-138 implant grade stainless steel
    • ASTM certified 6Al-4V-Eli F-136 implant grade Titanium
    • 14k gold and/or 18k solid gold
    • Niobium
    • Glass

We carry for healed piercings but do not pierce with the following types of materials:

    • FDA approved acrylics
    • Dental Acrylic
    • Horn
    • Stone
    • Bone
    • Wood
    • Silver
    • Brass

Visions highly encourage piercees to avoid body jewelry sold at the mall, in non-body piercing establishments and jewelry kiosks. The jewelry is often poor quality and can be of questionable content not suitable for maintaining healthy piercings.

Be careful when purchasing body jewelry. If you do not know what gauge and/or diameter/length, please visit us so we can help you in choosing the right jewelry for you.

ALL jewelry sales are final. The only exception is if there is an obvious defect in the jewelry in which case we either have it repaired or replaced. If you do not know the proper size and gauge of your jewelry please ask our piercing staff for help to ensure that you purchase the right piece.

Piercing Minors
Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian present to sign the release form. We cannot make any exceptions as this a requirement by the State regardless of how many times you have been to the studio. This also applies to changing jewelry, reinsertion of jewelry, and stretching.

Required Documentation for Minors
The minor’s birth certificate in long form with the parent’s name listed. Parent’s need to have a non-expired photo ID, for example; driver’s license, passport, State issued ID etc. Photocopies of any ID or expired ID’s are not acceptable. If the minor has any type of photo ID (for example; current years’ school ID, passport, driver’s license) please bring that with you!

If the last name of the minor is different from the parent, additional documentation is required to prove the relationship. For example; marriage certificate, divorce decree, adoption papers, court papers to prove relationship as a legal guardian.

If there are any questions regarding the proper documentation that we may need, please call the studio at (508)533-1369. Thank you and we appreciate your understanding.

The State of Massachusetts does not specify minimum age requirements for piercings with the exception of nipples and genitals. However; we at Visions believe that there should be a minimum age requirement for certain piercings. Please keep in mind, that it is at the piercer’s sole discretion whether or not to do the piercing after speaking with the minor and the parent. Things that will be considered are the minor’s lifestyle, maturity to care for the piercing themselves and attitude. Below are the age minimums for the following piercings:

8 years of age:

    • Ear lobes only

13 years of age:

    • Ear lobes
    • Cartilage (outside rim)

14 years of age and older:

    • All other piercings with the exception of tongue, surface anchor & surface piercings, large gauge piercings.

18 years of age and older:

    • Tongue
    • Genitals
    • Nipples
    • Surface Anchors and Surface Piercings
    • All other piercings

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. We will not pierce anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

We do not pierce babies, or toddlers. Listed below are the minimum age requirements for various piercings.

Help and Advice
Our staff is always happy to offer advice and help as needed for problems or just general questions. Feel free to give us a call (508)533-1369 or drop by the studio.

Please keep in mind that generally piercings are a first come first serve basis, however; please call the studio at (508)533-1369 to schedule an appointment if you would like to be pierced at a certain time. Our studio hours are Tuesday through Saturday: Noon to 8 PM and we take our last piercing 1/2 hour prior to closing each day.

*** Please note we do not accept tattoo or piercing cancellations via email. Please call the studio directly to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Thank you! ***

We accept cash, debit cards, Visa/MC & Discover. Checks and AMEX are not accepted. Thank you!