These days, there are literally hundreds of companies making body jewelry. We realize there are thousands of jewelry choices and a lot are at very low prices, but in our business, the adage “you get what you pay for” are words to live by. Buying a low quality piece of jewelry can make a a work of art look low-rent in no time. Body art is an investment in yourself.

blog28.1Here at Visions, we believe in quality, not quantity. We feel your body deserves the best and that is why we only purchase our jewelry from the most trusted, well-respected manufacturers in our industry. Their body jewelry is meticulously crafted and in addition, comes with 100% lifetime guarantee against any manufacturer defect!

We have expanded our jewelry selection, and now have 5 full jewelry cabinets with just about everything!

  • Fine jewelry including diamonds and gold
  • Real and synthetic gemstones
  • Glass
  • Stone
  • Organics
  • Basic steel and titanium
  • Custom jewelry designs

We only sell products from top companies such as Industrial Strength, Anatometal, Body Vision LA, Gorilla Glass, and much more!

blog28.2With literally thousands of body jewelry choices from our vendors, you’re sure to find a color, style, and shape that will peak your interest. Looking for your unique body jewelry idea to come to fruition? We have a wonderful rapport with the companies we carry, and would be honored to help get you the jewelry of your dreams custom made!