I’m Angie, originally from Chicago, IL.  I’m totally an early 80’s kid, with all the nerdiness too!!  In 2004, I was performing with a suspension team named Nu-Ethix. In doing so, I met a plethora of industry folk. I also began my first piercing apprenticeship in 2004, which left me devastated, and thinking I would never get another chance.

Bummed, I moved on with life and started working at a doggy daycare in one of the many suburbs of Illinois. Over the years, I found an amazing studio that I frequented often and gathered an amazing bond with everyone there. They became my brothers. Native Rituals was like a second home to me. The spark for piercing as a career came back!  While working at the daycare for 3 years, I started working counter as well at Native Rituals in 2008.  Johnny offered an apprenticeship a year later.

I was beyond excited to be given the opportunity to learn from someone I looked up to for so long! In order for me to focus on what would soon be my life, I dropped hours at the daycare. For a year and a half it was busting butt working with dogs, counter help, and an apprenticeship. I wouldn’t change it for the world! After my first APP conference in 2010, where I was a scholar, I began piercing full time. I strive to continuously learn and not plateau. To provide nothing but the best for each client I work with. It’s truly an honor to be back into this industry that has given me so much!